[kdepim-users] ssh tunneling with Kontact?

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 31 09:13:29 GMT 2009

r bartlett wrote:

> Would anyone out there know if it is possible to use ssh (I'm guessing ssh
> -X, actually) to access Kontact when it is behind my firewall?
> I have a computer (call it foo) behind firewall computer (bar) and I often
> run VNC on foo, accessing it with the simple tunnel:
> ssh -L 8888:foo:5900 me at bar.mylinuxbox.net
> I am having a very odd problem that I think might be VNC related and would
> like to run Kontact directly here on my Ubuntu notebook...but I am not
> sure I understand tunneling or Kontact enough.  Can I direct Kontact's
> output from the display to a specific port?
> I often ssh from the firewall (bar) to foo with the command:
> ssh -X me at foo
> And this will bring up Kontact nicely on Bar.  So I am simply hoping to
> get this to work when there is an additional computer in between.
> If anyone has any suggestions, thank you!!!

I've just read the thread.

I think there is misunderstanding in the story.

Kontact is application on top of other application like i.e. mail client

So the situation you are behind a fireall somewhere (X) and you have a
computer A at home also behind a fireall.
When you are at home you are using kontact on computer A and do anything you
When you are (X) you do ssh to computer A and start kontacts there on
computer A.

The fact is that kontacts is using settings (address book, mail server) that
are configured to be accessed from (X).
The settings are saved most likely in your home, so where is your home
directory, are you using notebook (i.e. taking the home with you?). In the
latter case all of this will not work

This is working fine for me. When I'm at home I'm mounting my home dir from
the server. When I'm at work I ssh to my home server and start whatever I
want there (in my home setup, that I'm using when at home)

a bit complicated but you have to keep in mind what is going from where to
where, then it's simple.


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