[kdepim-users] more gmail imap and expiry questions

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Sun Oct 25 15:37:21 GMT 2009

E Hakan Duran's questions reminded me to ask the following.

I use gmail IMAP as well. Directly, not disconnected.  I have expiry set for 
most folders but not all.  Unlike Mr. Duran, I want the expired messages 
deleted permanently.  I save the ones I don't wish to lose buy marking them 
important (which gmail treats as "starred").

Yesterday, I notice that messages I thought expiry had blasted into 
non-existence were still appearing in the all mail folder.  An experiment 
revealed that this also is what is happening when I "shift delete" a message 
to skip the trash.  However if I just "delete" a message and allow it to be 
moved to trash, then empty the trash, its gone.

Has anyone found a work around for this behavior, or should I just change all 
my expiry settings to "move to trash"?

Another question.  The "expire all folders" command in the file menu is a bit 
scary.  Does it just apply the folder defined expiry settings to folders that 
have expiry settings, or does it somehow delete mail I didn't wish to expire?  
I found a bug on this which basically discussed putting more info in the 
command or confirmation dialog because of this uncertainty, but never 
discussed what should be put in that warning, i.e., it never discussed what 
actually happens.
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