[kdepim-users] IMAP - Include this folder in mail checks.

Karl Hiramoto karl at hiramoto.org
Mon Oct 26 11:59:42 GMT 2009

I'm using kmail 1.12.2 in kde 4.3.2 on gentoo linux.     I have around 100 
with on average 1000 to 5000 messages per folder.   IMAP folders and right 
clicking on the "properties" of every folder to not "Include this folder in 
mail checks"  is extremely tedious.

Is there some place in the akonadi db i could modify,  or a config file i 
could write a quick script for to disable all of these?

A feature request would be to leave this off by default, as thunderbird and 
outlook do.

Another feature request, if you change a folder that has sub-folders then you 
should have the option to change the options on all sub-folders.

My  IMAP server is in california (dreamhost) and i'm in europe so i have a 200 
to 300 ms ping, and with lots of folders and messages  synchronizing takes 
forever.   With thunderbird or outlook it doesn't download the folder headers 
untill you click on the folder, then downloads the message when you click on 
the message.  Then it's cached for the next use.

It seems just by looking at kmail UI that it checks each folder each time and 
downloads the message list for the folder  I would think that with IMAP 
RFC3501  UIDVALIDITY field,  If the UIDVALIDITY for the mailbox is the same, 
there is no need to download the message list again.

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