[kdepim-users] Kontact/Calendar bug?

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 15:22:58 BST 2009

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> On Friday 16 October 2009 22:53:19 r bartlett wrote:
> > Okay, back again...wondering if anyone else is experiencing a curious
> > thing when re-editing Calendar files:
> >
> > I am using the stock KDE that's on the FC11 distro (both are 4.3.1, I
> >  believe).
> >
> > I open Kontact and go to the Calendar.
> > I click "Edit" on a previously created Event.
> > I modify it and click "Apply" (or OK) and the Event disappears.
> >
> > However...it's not permanently gone!
> >
> > When I quit out of Kontact and come back in, there is the event, good as
> >  new!
> >
> > Is this another .index issue?  Many thanks!  :-)
> I've never seen this, but maybe you should check the save and reload
> settings?
> You do seem to have some strange problems with kontact.  Which distro are
> you using?
> Anne
> --
Well, yes, I do indeed seem to come up with funky questions/problems.  However that's partly because I can usually figure out the "easy" stuff on my own.

This appears to be a genuine bug, because it's still occurring even after I wiped everything and started again from scratch...using the "Import Calendar" feature, which I merged with the existing one.

I am using FC11, full DVD install, on a Dell Inspiron 530.  I thought perhaps the issues were caused by a lack of memory due to not having the Nvidia driver installed, but that's now working fine...and this problem is still here.  It's surprisingly annoying, because the first thing I do when I look at the calendar is think, "I'm sure I had a note right there..." but then I also doubt myself or think I've accidentally picked the wrong date or something.

Any help in squashing this bug would be great, since I use the calendar all the time and pretty much depend on it.  Modifying things and having them disappear until a restart is non-optimal at best!  :-)

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