[kdepim-users] Help with Korganizer settings on EEEPC

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sat Oct 3 07:38:31 BST 2009

Am Sa, 3.10.2009, 07:01 schrieb Kishore:
> On Saturday 03 Oct 2009 9:43:42 am YourFriend Rick wrote:
>> Hi.
>> With an old EEEPC that only has 800x400 resolution, it can be hard to
>>  switch the settings for KOrganizer.
>> The Settings -> Configure KOrganizer menu is easy to get.  The initial
>>  window that opens up fits the screen.  However, when I click the
>> "Views"
>>  icon, the window gets bigger - I can see "Date Navigator," "Agenda
>> View,"
>>  "Month View" choices - but "Month View" is cut off halfway.  If I try
>>  right-clicking on the title bar, I can see a few more pixels, but the
>>  whole system becomes unusable until I alt-tab out and kill KOrganizer.
>> The same problem happens if I try to "Configure Kontact" menu.
>> Any input is appreciated.
> That resolution is simply too small for anything useful IMHO. The best i
> think
> you can do is move the window around to access otherwise invisible areas.
> Note
> that with KDE's window manager (kwin), you can hold down the ALT key and
> move
> the window around by dragging with the mouse. You do not necessarily need
> to
> access the title bar to move the window around.

correct - that's what i use all the time on my eeepc701, see

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