[kdepim-users] No way to mark a message "Replied to"?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Oct 16 21:11:46 BST 2009

On Friday 16 October 2009 20:41:00 r bartlett wrote:
> After this email corruption I'm trying to figure out how to get my
>  "Replied" and "Forwarded" icons back.  

I don't know how you lost them - I don't ever recall an option to show them, 
yet I see them on my system.

>  At one point it was possible to
>  "Mark as Replied" but I don't see that as an option anymore.  

Are you sure that was in KMail?  I don't recall it.

>  Is there any
>  way to manually do that?  It doesn't seem to be possible either in the
>  menu when I right click, nor in the Message pulldown list.
If we can't find a way to get the status to show automatically, as it does 
here, there is certainly a workaround.

> Even when the folder isn't corrupted, It's hugely helpful to have that as I
>  often start emails fresh that are connected to a particular message and it
>  seems if I do this there is no way that a few weeks later I'll be able to
>  tell that I've replied to it.
Work-around - right click where it says Subject, above the message list.  
Check 'Replied'.  This will create another column, with the replied icon where 
applicable.  It will be at the end, so simply drag its header to the front of 
the queue.

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