[kdepim-users] Kmail Paragraph Spacing

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Sun Nov 1 10:48:13 GMT 2009

On Saturday 31 October 2009 22:51:59 Jonathan B. Horen wrote:
> > Hmm, maybe this was a bug in this version of KMail. I suggest upgrading
> > to KDE 4.3.2. OTOH, Jonathan is using KDE 4.3.2. Hmm. Let's see what he
> > says.
> I'm running a brand-new, fresh installation of Kubuntu/9.10, with (as Ingo
> mentioned, KDE/4.3.2)
> As both Anne and Ingo noted, messages of which I am the original composer
> appear fine; however, when I reply or forward a message, the spacing
>  between paragraphs disappears.
That does sound as though the message you reply to might be a factor.  Have 
you checked the source of that message to see whether there is html code 
there, as Ingo suggested?

> I'm not even thinking about making a move to Thunderbird... we go forward,
>  not back.
Nothing wrong with Thunderbird, but I do rely on some of the finer points of 
KMail ;-)

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