[kdepim-users] TNEF reader under KDE4

Johann Rohwer jr at sun.ac.za
Tue Jul 28 07:40:32 BST 2009

On Monday 27 July 2009, Allen Winter wrote:
> KMail in KDE4 should handle TNEF attachments.
> If not, please file a bug.

How is this supposed to work? When I receive an email with a TNEF 
attachment, this just gets displayed as "winmail.dat". When I click on 
the attachment, I get the Open Attachment dialog with "Save As", "Open 
With" and "Cancel". Clicking on "Open With" asks for an application - 
and it is here that I previously always specified ktnef which is no 
longer available now.

The attachments inside the TNEF (winmail.dat) are definitely not 
displayed "transparently" - if that is what you are referring to. Is 
there a setting somewhere that I am missing or is this a bug?

KMail 1.11.4
KDE 4.2.4
x86_64 architecture

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