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Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Fri Jul 24 04:14:53 BST 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 12:09, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> Hi Bruce.
> On Thursday, 2009-07-23, Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> > Hello, Kevin --
> >
> > A great question that I anticipated (for myself) without answering
> > in my message!  I have resisted going directly to Jaunty 100%
> > PENDING getting the openSUSE stuff copied over adequately. 
> > Therefore, at this time, the two distinct approaches are one and
> > the same for me!  So we can consider it to be more like replacing
> > Kubuntu's stuff with openSUSE's. I hope this helps (and even
> > simplifies!) things.
> It does!
> If you can basically "Start from scratch" on the target machine then
> the easiest way to do that is to pack all things from the old one
> into an archive and extract it on the new one.
> more or less like this
> oldmachine% tar cvjf mails.tar.bz2 .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail
> newmachine% rm -r .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail
> newmachine% tar xvjf mails.tar.bz2
> In words:
> on the old machine (or on the respective parition mounted in the new
> one) create an archive containing the whole mail directory
> This is basically a full backup of all mail files, indices, etc)
> Then make sure the new machine's target directory is not there.
> Then extract the archive, basically restoring the old machines state.
> All while KMail is not running.
> You might additionally copy some files from .kde/share/config, e.g.
> kmailrc, mailtransports, emailidentities
> Cheers,
> Keviin

Hello, Kevin --

Thank you for your prompt and very helpful reply.  I have come into a 
couple of complications; perhaps you can assist me in managing them.

I had absolutely no problem at all doing the tar -cvjf step.

I had not visible problem doing the rm step.

However the tar -xvjf step is proving to be messy.  For one thing, 
the "/mail" folder (within /kmail) seems to not exist within Jaunty 
KMail.  For another, I am not sure what to make of the fact that you 
didn't tell this newbie what (if anything) to do about 
the "/.kMail-Import.directory/" entry that I find in openSUSE, but do 
NOT find in Jaunty's KMail.  Thirdly, the extraction step simply "blew 
up" with four lines of messages which I present below.
     tar:   mails.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory
     tar:   Error is not recoverable: exiting now
     tar;   Child returned status 2
     tar:   Error exit delayed from previous errors

I have almost certainly confused myself by attempting to enter the 
appropriate partition before performing each step.  However, when that 
failed, I tried working within a single partition -- and got the very 
same results.  On my system, these erroneous results are entirely 
predictable; they occur every time (within Jaunty Konsole) I 
enter "tar  -xvjf  mails.tar.bz2" (without the quotes, of course!).

I am coming to the tentative conclusion that, when I first installed 
Jaunty, Dolphin did its very best to bring all of my files over to 
Jaunty from openSUSE (with the notable exception of KMail data!).  
Interestingly enough, some extensive changes in one openSUSE file -- 
which were carefully saved at numerous points -- seem to have been lost 
forever, and the file reverted to its form immediately prior to Jaunty 
installation!  There is no confusion (yet!) in openSUSE's KMail, but I 
do not yet see what I am doing wrong in trying to get it into Jaunty.

Because it is necessary to reboot (and, thus, to clear out the 
ClipBoard) to go between openSUSE and Jaunty, I have attempted to do my 
work entirely on Jaunty (Dolphin, Konsole, etc.).  But I am now 
suspecting that there is some distinction between the folders and files 
that I see when I am really in openSUSE and the folders and files that 
I see when I am looking at what seem to be the openSUSE area of Jaunty.

Yes, Kevin and "all" -- I am thoroughly confused at this point, and I am 
not at all sure quite how I should clarify things (either for myself 
alone or for the list)!

Any further direction that is available will be MOST HIGHLY 

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