[kdepim-users] Kmail slected search bar on startup

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sat Jul 4 17:02:24 BST 2009


if I start my kmail without a new email in my imap inbox, the 
searchbar above the e-mail list is selected. So kmail-shortcuts no 
longer works as expected. This behaviour is can only be seen at first 
start after login. Every following starts does select the focus to the 
mail list.

And another strange thing: I have configured my folder view to only 
show folder names. Therevore the header line inly shows folder (Ordner 
in german). Until my upgrade from Fedora 10 to 11 this column was as 
wide as the folder view. Since the upgrade there is a small par left 
at the right view side and I can not resize the column width (see 
attached pic). If I add an other column and remove it, the folder 
column takes all available width, but only until the next start. Then 
the right gap is back.

Is anyone seeing this too? What can I do the default back?

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