[kdepim-users] Website updates? (kontact.kde.org , pim.kde.org)

Robert Ã…kerblom-Andersson robert at northlinux.com
Tue Jul 7 14:03:33 BST 2009

Hi, I'm the CIO of an newly started company named NorthLinux. Personly I
have did apply to Google Summer of Code earlier this year but did not get
in, now I have a company own my own that soon will start providing Open
Source solutions for company's in combination with some other services as
mobile internet/phones. My company has been accepted as solution provider by
Canonical and it is Kubuntu we will suggest to our customers.

Except the reselling of Kubuntu with support we're going to provide some
SaaS** (Software as a Service), including mail, calender, contacts etc. For
this I have looked over Google Apps, Zimbra, Unison and many more but have
decied to go for an 100% open source solution that we provide ourselfs. And
for that I have found out after many comparisons that " Kolab + Kontact +
Horde" will be the one I want to use in my business for our clients.

Personly I like open source of course and are going to try to give back to
the community in the ways I can, right now I'm not sure exactly how but I
hope to later on be able to donate money every month to Kolab, Horde and the
PIM part of KDE, maybe some to main KDE as well if the economy allows it.

So now I have intruduced my self, now to the question!

I'we been at kontact.kde.org and pim.kde.org some times now and it feels
like they are not fully up to date? Some screenshots feels old and also the
news feels kind of old. So my question is if there is any specific reason to
this or if it would be appreciated if I tried to update some screenshots and

Robert Ã…kerblom-Andersson
Chief Executive Officer, NorthLinux

Robert at northlinux.com
+46 90 695 7501
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