[kdepim-users] Kde-Pim and Google Calendar sync

Mark S Jones msjones815 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 7 20:50:49 BST 2009

I have successfully setup sync between my Google Calendar and my Kde-Pim
Calendar in KDE 3.5.9 using Kitchensync version 0.1 on opensuse 11. When
I enter an event in my KDE calendar and run Kitchensync it syncs
perfectly with Google Calendar. However, when I enter an event in my
Google Calendar and then run Kitchensync, my event does show up in Kde,
but the time of the event is 5 hours earlier (I am in central time zone
USA). The time zone settings on my desktop, KDE and Google all say
central time USA.

I have also set up sync between my Palm Pre and Google Calendar as well
and they both sync flawlessly. So I think it is either a Kitchensync or
KDE problem, but I'm not sure which one. Any help on how to get the
correct time sync would be appreciated! Thank you.

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