[kdepim-users] Path (was: 20090723KP -- Copying KMail)

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sun Jul 26 09:21:40 BST 2009

Am Sunday 26 July 2009 08:02:04 schrieb Bruce MacArthur:
> If I understand everything correctly, I can boot to Kubuntu Jaunty and,
> in Konsole, change directories
> to /suse102/home/bruce/.kde/share/apps/KMail/mail/.KMail-Import.directory.

hello bruce,
that is mostly correct, but I would recommend that you just cd to
(from here, everything you want is included and in the same directory 
structure as on the target device)

> Here I can "tar  -cvjf  /home/bu4lu3si1/suseKMail.tar.bz2  
> suse102/home/bruce/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/.KMail-Import/directory"

no, just do
"tar  -cvjf  /home/bu4lu3si1/suseKMail.tar.bz2 ."
- note the dot '.' as source indicator - this will create the tarball in your 
target directory (/home/bu4lu3si1), the tarball will contain everything 
from /suse102/home/bruce/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail - but _without_ absolute 
path (/suse102...) which is important!

> Then I can change directories
> to /home/bu4lu3si1/.kde/share/apps/KMail/mail and
> tar -xvjf  /home/bu4lu3si1/suseKMail.tar.bz2

mostly correct (note upper/lowercase: should be kmail instead of KMail ..)



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