[kdepim-users] Script hooks for Skype.

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at joshuakugler.com
Thu Feb 19 03:15:08 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 February 2009, Brian J.K. Bowhan said something like:
> I am using Skype 2.0 on OpenSUSE.  My Basic contacts program is
> Kontact, and Id like to get a script that will allow me to click to
> call from that program.  I currently have 'skype --phone %N'.  That
> however, 1. doesn't foreward the phone number to Skype, 2.) Doesn't
> foreward the country ID to Skype, 3.) when Skype is already running,
> launches a new instance which causes conflicts.
> Direct advice on this issue would be good, a handbook,info file, or
> web page so I can learn more generally would be better.

This should get you started:


You'll need to enable you program in the Public API section of your 
Skype config.


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