[kdepim-users] strigi indexing taking a looong time

Bud Rogers budr at netride.net
Wed Feb 25 22:26:06 GMT 2009

Hi all, I'm new to the list.  Last evening I got soprano/nepomuk/strigi 
working.  Of course strigi immediately started indexing.  It has been running 
about 20 hours now, at or near 100% cpu on a 3GHz Athlon.

The data files are currently  about 9% of the total usage on the drive.  
Granted I have most of kde trunk in my home directory, set up more or less as 
outlined on techbase.  Strigi has been indexing .../kdesvn/ for most of the 

Just curious if it's normal for it to be taking that long and that much space, 
or do I need to tweak things?

Bud Rogers
budr at netride.net

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