[kdepim-users] Changing properties to many IMAP folders at once

Andreas Syreggelas a.syreggelas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 11:29:28 GMT 2009

Hi there.

I have a question:

I'm using Thunderbird to manage my IMAP account (at work) and I want to
move to KMail (the last one is beautiful, KMail 1.11.0, KDE 4.2 on
Kubuntu 8.10) but when I'm connected to my IMAP account that holds a lot
of folders (more than 150) I do not want to change the properties to
each one of them (e.g. for the checking of new mails).
Is there any way to massively change the properties of a group of IMAP

Andreas Syreggelas
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