[kdepim-users] New version - goes into full screen mode ?

Jim MacLeod catcott at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 16:24:12 GMT 2009

Peter wrote:

> Noticed an update for KMail yesterday, and when I booted up today and used
> KMail, it goes into full screen mode, and I have lost the bottom task bar,
> and there is no top title bar.
> I cannot use other applications, because the bottom task bar has
> disappeared when using KMail.
> Yet other applications (firefox) are fine, they don't go into full screen
> mode.
> Any clues please ?  Obviously , the update has messed up something.
> Peter
If it's a window !! - hold down Alt key + left mouse button and you can drag 
it down so you can see the title and menu bars.
IF it's a window, left click the down arrow (top left, title bar) and select 
Advanced / Special App Settings - check the geometry tab to see if there are 
some odd values set there - if yes, change them to suit.

If it's not a window, sorry - out of ideas at the moment.

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