[kdepim-users] Migrating all PIM data - email, contacts, calendars from 3.x to 4.x?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Thu Feb 12 18:51:48 GMT 2009

On Thursday 12 February 2009, phep wrote:
> Ingo Klöcker a écrit :
> > Those problems have been resolved before the final release of KDE 4.2.0.
> > Your address books and calendars will automatically be imported in
> > Akonadi. This will make them available in KPilot. The other KDE PIM
> > applications (Kontact, KAddressBook, KOrganizer, KMail, etc.) will
> > continue to use the address books and calendars through the old
> > mechanism. If you don't use KPilot, then nothing will change for you
> > compared to KDE 3.5 or KDE 4.1.
> Just to be sure to get it perfectly right. Further up on the road toward
> KDE.{3,4,...} will Akonadi just serve as a proxy between {KAddressBook,
> KOrganizer} and their std.vcf/std.ics files or will those file finally
> disappear, their contents being transfered to some RDBMS.

They won't disappear, they are still one form of persistant storage, just like 

> This is quite important for me since I've got a handful of scripts that
> parse those files for very specific (but really useful for me!) needs.
> Should I prepare to interact with Akonadi, sooner or later, or will I
> have the leave to continue hacking sort-of manually those files for
> quite some time on?

I guess it depends on what you do.
It could be easier to achieve with Akonadi and thus be extended to do the 
tasks independent of the actual final location of the data.


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