[kdepim-users] Migrating all PIM data - email, contacts, calendars from 3.x to 4.x?

phep phep-lists at teletopie.net
Thu Feb 12 22:14:57 GMT 2009

Kevin Krammer a écrit :
> On Thursday 12 February 2009, phep wrote:
>> Just to be sure to get it perfectly right. Further up on the road toward
>> KDE.{3,4,...} will Akonadi just serve as a proxy between {KAddressBook,
>> KOrganizer} and their std.vcf/std.ics files or will those file finally
>> disappear, their contents being transfered to some RDBMS.
> They won't disappear, they are still one form of persistant storage, just like 
> maildir.

OK. This is nice since those are fairly standardized file formats.

>> This is quite important for me since I've got a handful of scripts that
>> parse those files for very specific (but really useful for me!) needs.
>> Should I prepare to interact with Akonadi, sooner or later, or will I
>> have the leave to continue hacking sort-of manually those files for
>> quite some time on?
> I guess it depends on what you do.
> It could be easier to achieve with Akonadi and thus be extended to do the 
> tasks independent of the actual final location of the data.

This might well be true (I didn't took time yet to have a serious look
at Akonadi), but this would add one more dependency between me and those
precious data :-/ And that's why I once stopped considering patching
KOrganizer (besides the fact that my needs are really specific fruits of
my own really tortured brain;-)): as great as I think it is (and I do
think it is, believe me!), it nevertheless constitutes a dependency I
don't like to have regarding my calendar/todo list and, for this reason,
I won't pretend that I'm not nervous about the KDE4 switch as far as
those data are concerned. In fact, KOrganizer would not be so great that
I would already have rewritten it in pure Qt^Wncurses^Wpure C :-P

Anyway, thanks for the info, Kevin, and kudos for your work kdepim folks!
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