[kdepim-users] Anti-Spam filter with kontact not working

Emond Papegaaij emond.papegaaij at topicus.nl
Tue Feb 3 13:13:05 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with the filters created with the Anti-Spam wizard. I've 
created a filter for SpamAssassin (both daemon and perl) with this wizard, but 
neither of them work. When I receive mail, Kontact (KMail 1.11.0 with KDE 
4.2.0) shows 'x messages waiting to be filtered' and nothing happens. When I 
check the spamd log, I do see the first message being passed to the 
SpamAssassin daemon, which marks it as spam. However, the message is not 
updated in Kontact (no extra headers are added and the filters stop processing 
the message). In the terminal where I started Kontact, I see 'Object::connect: 
No such signal ThreadWeaver::Job::done()', perhaps this may be related?

Best regards,
Emond Papegaaij
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