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On Tuesday 18 August 2009, r bartlett wrote:
> Is there any way to use the "Send Mail Later" feature to have mail
> sent at a specified time?  I am thinking of several applications of
> this.  In my work I'm often away and unable to send an email on a
> friend's birthday or whatever and it would be nice if by using the
> "Send Mail Later" feature I could be taken to a dialog that would,
> much like a "To Do" event, ask me to choose the time and date that I
> would like to send the email.

KMail does not have such a feature. It will be pretty easy to implement 
this in the new Akonadi agent for sending mail that is currently being 
developed as GSoC project.

> Another option would be to have all outgoing mail delayed long enough
> (say, 2 minutes) that I would have time to cancel it or (as I know we
> all do!) attach the forgotten attachment that we're referencing and
> so on.  Few things look sillier than "Please see my resume attached
> below" and having to follow it with a "Dooh!" email 2 seconds later.

This won't happen because KMail will show a warning if you try to send a 
message which contains the word "attached" but which does not have any 
attachments. The list of signal words can be adjusted in KMail's 
settings. (Funny enough, when I tried to send this very message, KMail 
warned me that it does not have anything attached. :-) )

> In my case, the "Send Mail Later" feature seems to just put it in the
> Outbox rather than in the draft folder, and to send it I have to Edit
> it again and then click send the way I normally would.  It never
> seems to send if I just leave it there.  Nor do I have any access to
> any configuration options to set this up.  I'm not even sure what the
> usual functionality is.

The messages in the outbox can be sent via File->Send Queued Messages. 
The "Send Mail Later" feature is useful if you are temporarily offline. 
If you are always online then it is indeed of little use for you.

> I am running Fedora 8 with Kmail version 1.9.10.  It seems like it
> would be incredibly useful to have a timer countdown and/or a
> calendar send feature for outgoing email.  I am thinking of upgrading
> to Fedora 11...might this be working in that?

You should probably have a look at KAlarm. It is capable of sending mail 
at a defined point in time.


The warning feature is wonderful and has saved my tush many times, but it of course only works if you've actually said the word "attachment" instead of "resume" or "photo" or something similar.  :-)  It's not foolproof.  There are also those last minute, write it to vent and then click send and then regret it seconds later emails (think bosses, ex-girlfriends, etc), where an attachment isn't the issue.  Being able to set a small, 1-2 minute cancellation window would be fantastic and (imhotibnp -- in my humble opinion though I be no programmer!) not too difficult to code.

Any sense of when the Akonadi will transpire?  In the meantime I will check out KAlarm.  Many thanks!

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