[kdepim-users] 20090804KP -- Wallet Password At Shut-Down?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Sun Aug 9 10:30:40 BST 2009

On Saturday 08 August 2009 21:55:49 Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> On Saturday 08 August 2009 03:11, Martin Koller wrote:
> It happens always.
> > Does KWallet allow kmail to access the wallet always or what's the
> > policy (check inside kwalletmanager) ?
> I have never had reason to use (or to set up!) KWallet.  Therefore, I
> would assume that all settings are default settings.
KWallet is not set up by default.  It gets setup if you reply 'yes' to a 
question about whether to save a password.

I have no idea why kmail seems to be trying to access the wallet, but you may 
find out by setting some controls on the wallet.

You need kwalletmanager.  Can you see a wallet in your system-tray?  I so, 
clicking on it will start the manager.  If not, you should be able to start it 
from the menu.  Highlight the wallet, > Settings > Configure Wallet.  You 
could disable it, as Shaggy Wolf suggests, but before you do I'd suggest that 
you try changing to one of the Close Wallet options.

If you for the wallet to close in one of those circumstances, when an 
application requires the wallet you will get a popup asking for the wallet 
password.  At least then you will know whether it's really kmail, or something 
else, that is trying to launch the wallet.

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