[kdepim-users] Sending mail later...?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Aug 18 22:47:41 BST 2009

On Tuesday 18 August 2009, r bartlett wrote:
> Is there any way to use the "Send Mail Later" feature to have mail
> sent at a specified time?  I am thinking of several applications of
> this.  In my work I'm often away and unable to send an email on a
> friend's birthday or whatever and it would be nice if by using the
> "Send Mail Later" feature I could be taken to a dialog that would,
> much like a "To Do" event, ask me to choose the time and date that I
> would like to send the email.

KMail does not have such a feature. It will be pretty easy to implement 
this in the new Akonadi agent for sending mail that is currently being 
developed as GSoC project.

> Another option would be to have all outgoing mail delayed long enough
> (say, 2 minutes) that I would have time to cancel it or (as I know we
> all do!) attach the forgotten attachment that we're referencing and
> so on.  Few things look sillier than "Please see my resume attached
> below" and having to follow it with a "Dooh!" email 2 seconds later.

This won't happen because KMail will show a warning if you try to send a 
message which contains the word "attached" but which does not have any 
attachments. The list of signal words can be adjusted in KMail's 
settings. (Funny enough, when I tried to send this very message, KMail 
warned me that it does not have anything attached. :-) )

> In my case, the "Send Mail Later" feature seems to just put it in the
> Outbox rather than in the draft folder, and to send it I have to Edit
> it again and then click send the way I normally would.  It never
> seems to send if I just leave it there.  Nor do I have any access to
> any configuration options to set this up.  I'm not even sure what the
> usual functionality is.

The messages in the outbox can be sent via File->Send Queued Messages. 
The "Send Mail Later" feature is useful if you are temporarily offline. 
If you are always online then it is indeed of little use for you.

> I am running Fedora 8 with Kmail version 1.9.10.  It seems like it
> would be incredibly useful to have a timer countdown and/or a
> calendar send feature for outgoing email.  I am thinking of upgrading
> to Fedora 11...might this be working in that?

You should probably have a look at KAlarm. It is capable of sending mail 
at a defined point in time.

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