[kdepim-users] fancy headers

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Thu Aug 20 04:29:11 BST 2009

On Wednesday 19 August 2009 09:23:07 pm Gary C Curtin wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 August 2009 9:39:13 Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> > SECOND, it seems to me that Gary may be attempting to use Kontact to 
> > what really ought to be done in K-Mail.  Gary, please consider using 
> > Mail as it appears in your "development" environment to see if the 
> > has really disappeared or not.  Thanks.
> Thanks Bruce. I tried running KMail, just on it's own, but it seems to 
> broken. The options just don't show up in the menu. I traded screen 
shots with 
> Anne, and I see what is missing. I just wonder what else is also 
> I will try a few things to discover just where it broke, so that 
others don't 
> fall into the same hole.

Thanks for the extra work, Gary!  I myself actively AVOID unstable 
software, although I value the bleeding-edge people VERY highly!  So I 
am not sure of the right term for it -- but please consider filing a 
"bug" (or the alpha equivalent!).  You might compare what you have that 
is stable with the alpha version to discover "what else is also 

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