[kdepim-users] akonadi error 10

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Wed Aug 26 13:59:11 BST 2009

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Krammer schrieb:
> On Tuesday, 2009-08-25, Andre Bischof wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> Kevin Krammer schrieb:
>> ...
>>> You previous mail indicated that one of the tables could not be created
>>> properly.
>>> Do you think you could try those commands manually and check if MySQL
>>> reports any specific error?
>> sure - what commands?
> Right.
> I am not sure where the MySQL commands/queries are being logged to, maybe just 
> on the console when Akonadi is started with akonadictl. Volker?
> The commands themselves are SQL statements that can be executed with, e.g. the 
> mysql console client.
> Btw, which version of MySQL do you have?


# dpkg -l *mysql* |grep ^ii
ii  libaprutil1-dbd-mysql                          1.3.4+dfsg-2 
             The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
ii  libdbd-mysql-perl                              4.012-1 
             A Perl5 database interface to the MySQL data
ii  libmysqlclient10                               3.23.56-3 
             LGPL-licensed client library for MySQL datab
ii  libmysqlclient12                               4.0.24-10sarge2 
             mysql database client library
ii  libmysqlclient14                               4.1.15-1 
             mysql database client library
ii  libmysqlclient15off                            5.0.84-1 
             MySQL database client library
ii  libmysqlclient16                               5.1.37-1 
             MySQL database client library
ii  libqt3-mt-mysql                                3:3.3.8b-5+b1 
             MySQL database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)
ii  libqt4-sql-mysql                               4:4.5.2-1 
             Qt 4 MySQL database driver
ii  mysql-client                                   4.1.15-1 
             mysql database client (transitional dummy pa
ii  mysql-client-4.1                               4.1.15-1 
             mysql database client binaries
ii  mysql-common                                   5.1.37-1 
             MySQL database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql
ii  mysql-server                                   4.1.15-1 
             mysql database server (transitional dummy pa
ii  mysql-server-4.1                               4.1.15-1 
             mysql database server binaries
ii  php5-mysql                                     5.2.10.dfsg.1-2 
             MySQL module for php5

please see my other post regarding the problem finding the right mysql 
statements to do the commands manually.

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