[kdepim-users] akonadi error 10

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Sat Aug 29 19:23:22 BST 2009

Dear Kevin, dear Volker,

Kevin Krammer schrieb:
> Hi Andre,
> On Wednesday, 2009-08-26, Andre Bischof wrote:
>> ii  mysql-client                                   4.1.15-1
>>              mysql database client (transitional dummy pa
>> ii  mysql-client-4.1                               4.1.15-1
>>              mysql database client binaries
>> ii  mysql-common                                   5.1.37-1
>>              MySQL database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql
>> ii  mysql-server                                   4.1.15-1
>>              mysql database server (transitional dummy pa
>> ii  mysql-server-4.1                               4.1.15-1
>>              mysql database server binaries
> The other day there was a user on IRC who had a similar problem (one of the 
> tables not being created), because his MySQL versions didn't understand 
> charset UTF-8.
> He also had a 4.x MySQL version.
> It could be that one needs MySQL 5.x for this kind of data fields or that the 
> syntax for them has changed.
> You wrote at the beginning that you are running a Debian testing/unstable mix, 
> however Debian says [1] that even old stable has 5.x
> Maybe you pinned something?

Woah, that did it! Upgraded to mysql-client-5.0 and mysql-server-5.0, 
which took me some time, but finally I succeeded. I had some holds on 
mysql packages to not upgrade to early when mysql5 was not mature enough 
for me, but simply forgot it. :(

Starting kontact started akonadi which in turn started a KResource 
Migration Tool - now everything seems to run fine.

I will test syncing with my Palm Treo 680 now thouroughly and report 
then again.

I suggest putting akonadi's dependencies for Debian not to mysql-server 
as it is not, but at least to mysql-server-5.0.

Guys, thanks a lot for your patience and your help, you made my day!


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