[kdepim-users] Storing Kontact data on central server

Eric A. Bonney mailinglists at vanhlebarsoftware.com
Tue Sep 30 21:52:15 BST 2008

I am thinking of switching to Kontact just so that I can have everything 
centralized into one location instead of multiple apps running and 
hopefully make things a little easier. I access my email and calendar 
tasks etc from many computers in my house and while on the road via ssh. 
Is it possible to store the data for Kontact (news feeds, calendar data, 
tasks, contacts) on a central server so that no matter where or which 
computer I use, everything is kept updated?

I know about the Kolab server, but to be honest I am afraid of trying to 
switch my email server over from exim4 to cyrus as I have it working 
just fine with exim4 and really don't want to mess with it. If Kolab is 
the only answer then I guess I have some soul searching todo. :)


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