[kdepim-users] Permanent Decrpytion of GPG mail in kmail

Till Adam till at kdab.net
Tue Sep 23 20:26:24 BST 2008


On Friday 29 August 2008 09:31:01 Karl Kashofer wrote:

> > there is actually o secret sauce solution for this, but it currently only
> > works for SMIME mails. We're implementing that for OpenPGP as well, atm,
> > should be in the next round o releases.
> >
> > To store emails that have been decrypted once in unencrypted format
> > henceforth, add this to your kmailrc configuration file, in the [Reader]
> > section:
> >
> > store-displayed-messages-unencrypted=true
> Ah, I have that in my kmailrc and always wondered why it is not working...
> Any timeframe when this will work for gpg-encrypted messages ?
> I am really looking forward to this, its one of the last annoyances in
> kmail.

It's unclear yet when we'll get to that. I'll try to remember to email you the 
patch when we do.



Till Adam
KDAB - platform independent software services
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