[kdepim-users] akregator Error

Sascha Manns samannsml at directbox.com
Mon Sep 29 16:09:34 BST 2008

Hello List,

i`m using KDE 4.1.67. And my akregator says regulaly to few minutes:

Access denied: Cannot save feed list to 
/home/sascha/.kde4/share/apps/akregator/data//feeds.opml. Please check 
your permissions.

Whats wrong? I can see, that before feeds.opml two "//". Is this the 
The ~/.kde4 is labeled "sascha:users". I`ve writeacess. Has anyone an 
Sincereley yours

Sascha Manns
Open-News-Network e.V.
Web: http://saschamanns.gulli.to

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