[kdepim-users] Printing list of Contacts

emily at habmalnefrage.de emily at habmalnefrage.de
Mon Sep 29 11:57:37 BST 2008

I use kadressbook and I would like to pin the adresses and telephonenumbers stored there to a wall next to my telephone.

This is what I came up with:
Add Adressbook to OpenOffice saving the odb-file.
Then open it using OpenOffice Base, hide the colums I don't want/need, do screenshots and print them.

Well I didn't do the screenshots. 
Instead I am really hoping this question is not to far out of line to get a productive answer.
If you think other people have had this problem before and I should rtfm or some FAQs you are 
propably right, but please include a link, because I couldn't find the right ones.

Knowledge of English: medium to good
Knowledge of Linux: only user knowledge, step by step instructions needed

Thank you for your time.

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