[kdepim-users] KMail problem or configuration problem?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Sep 9 18:59:08 BST 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008, brian wrote:
> On Sat, 06 Sep 2008 21:26:18 +0200, you wrote:
> Hi Ingo,
> Sorry for the length of time it's taken for me to try these
> suggestions. One of the things I've been busy doing is converting
> everything from mbox to maildir to see whether that made any
> difference (it didn't).
> >On Saturday 06 September 2008, brian wrote:
> >> On Fri, 05 Sep 2008 21:03:40 +0200, you wrote:
> >> >On Friday 05 September 2008, brian wrote:
> >> >> Thanks. There's obviously something amiss, but I'm at a loss to
> >> >> guess what. Other KDE applications that I use react OK, but I
> >> >> can't see anything in KMail's configuration which could be
> >> >> responsible. I'm not currently using KMail to collect mail, so
> >> >> I don't have Bogofilter or SpamAssassin configured, I'm just
> >> >> trying to replicate my Agent folder structure and my filters in
> >> >> KMail preparatory to switching over.
> >> >
> >> >Please rename ~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc to something else (so
> >> > that a new configuration is created) and try again. That's to
> >> > check whether it's a problem with your KMail configuration.
> >> >
> >> >Does this problem occur with all context menus in KMail or just
> >> > with a specific one?
> >>
> >> All of them that I've tried (folder pane, message list and message
> >> pane).
> >
> >I'm out of ideas. Is KMail busy (i.e. does it use lots of CPU) while
> > you wait for the context menu to appear? Or is KMail idle?
> It's using the majority of the CPU.
> >> And creating the new configuration made no apparent
> >> difference. I had imported the old Thunderbird message base, and
> >> there are a couple of big folders in there. I can't see how the
> >> size of the message base should affect displaying a context menu,
> >> though.
> >
> >Me neither.
> >
> >One last try: Please check whether the problem also occurs with a
> > newly created user.
> No, performance is (I assume) normal with a newly created user.

Okay. So the problem is somehow related to your configuration or your 
mail store.

> As far as I can see, the likely conclusion is that KMail *is* doing
> something which depends on the number of folders and sub-folders
> which I have? As you've said before, why it should do this when all
> I'm asking it to do is to display a menu seems unclear.

Yeah, same here. :-/

> However, I do 
> have a whole bunch of imported folders from Thunderbird - probably
> somewhere around 250 in total.

Hmm, I have around 5.2 GB of mail in 400 local folders (a mix of maildir 
and mbox).

> I was going to move KMail's data over to my main data drive and set
> up a symbolic link, maybe the next move is for me to do that, but
> copy it instead of move it. Once it's all copied over, I can delete
> back some of the folder trees in the original location, and see
> whether that sorts the problem, then set the symbolic link to return
> to the current configuration. Doing the copy won't be that quick,
> though. Unless you have other things you'd like me to try,

Nope. No more ideas.

> I'll be back when it's all completed and let you know the results.


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