[kdepim-users] Setting up GTD with Kontact/Korganizer?

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Sun Jul 27 08:53:55 BST 2008

Den Sunday 27 July 2008 09.27.25 skrev M. Fioretti:
> On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 09:06:29 AM +0200, Bengt Gördén wrote:
> > I've used Basket from time to time. There is an implementation of
> > GTD in Basket.
> for some reason, I had gotten the impression its development had
> stopped, but luckily this isn't the case. I'll check it, thanks. How
> did you find it?

Google. It was actually because of GTD. I was looking for GTD software to try 

> Easy to use, difficult... 

I think it is fairly easy to use. I liked it as a GTD software. Easy to file 
in different categories and easy to move a round in baskets.

> Also, did you use it as-is  
> or within Kontact (there is a plugin to integrate the two)=

Both. But I liked it best as a plug-in to kontact.

> > I have never found any software that actually could beat index
> > cards.
> well, that's one of the very reasons why I am waiting, myself, to file
> wish-bugs for kontact or any other tool... At the same time, I agree
> with you about backups: that, a general wish to save paper and a
> specific wish to copy-and-paste, rather than "writing" (=typing) again
> notes to files or email are the reasons why I want to investigate
> seriously a software solution. Oh, and there's also the fact that
> software to-do lists can automatically show only pending items, that is
> they look much cleaner than a piece of paper with lots of crossed-out
> lines.

True. I think that if I could print the GTD tasks as index cards I would use 
it much more. Hm. It might actually already be implemented. I haven't checked 
the software for about a year.

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