[kdepim-users] Kontact crash/timesout

Chris Arnold carnold5 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 15:26:14 BST 2008

Hello PIM users! I use opensuse 11 x86_64 with kontact Version 1.3 from the
opensuse 11 repo. Kontact use to work without this problem but since my
workstation ip changed, i get a constant error:

connection to the server <servername> was unexpectedly closed or timed out.
It will be established automatically if possible"

And in fact, some times it does get re-established but other times, kontact

Some things i have done to try to fix this:

-tried just kmail->same problem

-delete existing account and recreated the email account->same problem

-other email clients work fine

-updated kontact from the opensuse repo->same problem

-uninstall kontact/kmail and its dependencies. then delete all kmail/kontact
folders. Reinstall kmail/kontact->same problem

-posted on the opensuse mailinglist->no response

-reformat hdd and reinstall opensuse 11 with kontact->same problem

So, i would like to now know where to look on the workstation for kontact
error logs? /var/log/messages (i don't see anything in there)?

I have also looked into the mail server logs for errors and found some java
errors that happen around the same time of the error on the workstation. I
restarted the mail server services and do not get that java error but still
get the error on the workstation/kontact. I use zimbra 5.0.4 OSS as a mail
server. I have asked over at their forums and they don't have an answer

Is there anyone here who can help me find out how to fix this error? I
really want to use kontact.
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