[kdepim-users] Kmail incorrectly showing unread messages

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Thu Jul 31 16:27:47 BST 2008

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On Thursday 31 July 2008 11:02:04 am Bruno Miguel wrote:
> Hi.
> I just started using Kmail 4 (1.10.0) and I'm experiencing strange
> behaviors when accessing Gmail via IMAP (normal IMAP account and not
> dIMAP). The folders located in [Gmail] are constantly showing unread
> emails, but when I click them I get no unread emails and the visual
> notification disappears.
> I've selected and deselected the «Act on new/unread mail on this
> folder» and «Include this folder in mail checks», but that behavior
> doesn't stop. I've also tried locally unsubscribing those folders, but
> I ended up unable to receive any email.
> Is this a normal situation with Kmail and Gmail/IMAP? I've searched
> for any bug reports related to this but I didn't find any.

I can't say for sure, but this seems normal.  

Gmail IMAP is a different beast as someone put it.  Folders are "virtual", 
taken from what are actually gmail labels.  As an item can have multiple 
labels, it will also appear in multiple folders.  For instance your email had 
the labels "art.alexion at verizon.net" and "kdepim-users", so it appeared 
simultaneously in both of those folders.  It also appeared in Inbox and All 
Mail.  If I flagged it as important, it would also appear in Starred.  These 
are not copies, but filters of a sort.

Suppose you have kmail set to go out and retrieve the mail once every 5 
minutes.  It will also refresh a folder upon your entering it.  So, I read it 
in the kdepim-users folder.  It is marked read.  At this point the kmail tree 
still lists the inbox and other folders as containing it unread.  But once 
you enter those folders and they are updated, the message is "seen" by kmail 
as read and the unread indication disappears.

That would explain what you are seeing as normal behavior.  Lately, though, 
stuff seems to be skipping my inbox and going directly into All Mail or the 
IMAP equivalent of archived mail.  This is not normal, and I believe the 
problem is either with the gmail server or some filter I have inadvertently 
created.  The behavior you are describing seems more like the former, though.

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