[kdepim-users] Including files without word-wrap

Paul Millar paul at astro.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jul 9 19:26:54 BST 2008


Is it possible to include a text file within the email body (i.e., in-line) 
without having the contents subject to word-wrap?

I'd like to compose an email and include the output of diff in-line for people 
to review.  This patch must not be word-wrapped (obviously), but I'd still 
like to be able to write a preamble introducing the patch and have kmail do 
the line-breaks for me.

As a work-around, I can emulate this by typing the preamble and manually 
enforce the line-breaks with hard line-breaks (i.e., press Enter at the end 
of each line), then switch off word-wrap, then use Insert File to get the 
patch, but it's a bit annoying.


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