[kdepim-users] Please explain about KMail contacts

IloChab ilochab at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:13:22 BST 2008

I really do not understand this.

I run Kmail 1.9.9 inside Kcontact 1.2.9 under KDE 3.5.9 onto a Fedora9.

If I add a new contact in Kmail's address book I can see it in Kcontact's
contacts, and this is OK.

If I write an email message with Kmail, when I start to type into `TO`
field, I get a pull down list of all the email's addresses, present in my
mail, that match that pattern, and this is OK too.

My questions are:

Why I don't see all the addresses of my received emails in the contact list
Why I see them only typing into the message's `TO` field?
There is any way to transfer the email addresses of the received mail to the
contact list?
Where is the file that contains email's addresses retrieved directly from

Thank you in advance for your explanations.

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