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Peter Roots peterroots at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 3 21:08:05 BST 2008

Well, thanks everyone for your comments - until I started looking into it I 
never realised how complex the issues were.
What I was after was a way to design a file to use in the use 'holiday region' 
of the korganizer settings page.
The one provided for the Israel holidays (rather out of date) offers the 
simplest solution ie type all the movable holidays in for a period of years!

So far I have found the following problems.
Tanzania's holidays are based on the calender used by Saudi Arabia which is a 
complex thing based on lunar phases and I can't find out if there is a 
mathematical base to it or if it reads data from tables of lunar behaviour 
(which presumably can be calculated for a given place).
There are four fairly standard ways of calculating the starting dates of 
months, and their lengths, in the Islamic callender which vary according to 
which 11 years in a 30 year cycle get an extra day on the last month of the 
year.  So for any given year and month the Islamic date can vary by a day or 
more in each of the 4 calculations.  To add confusion each of the 4 comes in 
2 variants depending on whether the first day of the first month of the first 
year is taken to be a Thursday or a Friday.  No one of these table based 
calenders is always in line with the Umm al-Qura Calendar.  Add to that, 
Tanzania may or may not be one day late with moon rise compared to Saudi and 
I begin to see the difficulties!
For now I have opted for the fixed holidays and easter done as per all the 
other Gregorian based holiday files and added dates taken off the web for the 
next few years for the movable, Islamic, holidays.  Not too neat a solution 
but simple, and more likely to give me a reasonably correct answer than a 
calculated date would do.
I might try to work out a system, based on one of the table based 
calculations, and see how it compares.
What I had really hoped was that someone was going to say that there was a bit 
built into korg that worked out the date of Ramadan or new year or some other 
date on the islamic calender rather like it does for easter.  Seems the 
answer is 'no' and the answer would probably have to be given in terms of 1 
oct 2008 plus or minus 2 or 3 days which would be a bit tricky.
Anyway thanks again
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