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Christian Csar cacsar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 16:16:14 BST 2008

Stan Goodman wrote:
> At 15:59:05 on Thursday Thursday 03 July 2008, "peter roots" 
> <peterroots at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have been trying to put Tanzanian holidays into my calender but have
>> run up against a bit of a problem.
>> Some of the holidays are fixed date government holidays - no problem.
>> Others are Christian - again no problem as easter exists as an entity
>> in the holiday files to work with.
>> My problem is some of our holidays are Islamic - Eid al-Fitr for
>> example falls on 1 Shawwal.  Is there any provision for using dates
>> based on the Islamic calender such as the Umm al-Qura Calendar of
>> Saudi Arabia that Tanzania apparently bases its holidays on (though
>> often a day later than Saudi Arabia).
>> Any ideas would be welcome
> Like most software intended for general use, kde-pim views the world in 
> terms of the Gregorian calendar, and this should be no great surprise. 
> People who need dates that are calculated according to Muslim or Hebrew 
> (or French-Republican, Armenian, or Mayan) calendar have to make their 
> own arrangments.
> Just as there are utilities for listing holidays for Hebrew calendarin 
> terms of the Gregorian, I assume that there must be similar ones for the 
> Muslim calendar (which is, in  fact, a far simpler one). In both cases, 
> these are usually intended for Windows operating systems of course, so 
> may not be of much help.
> The algorithm for computing Islamic dates against Gregorian is a simple 
> one; a Google search for "muslim calendar" should enable you to make a 
> script for conversion, or even to generate a table of holidays for a 
> given year. I doubt that you will find something to adapt kde-pim, which 
> seems to be what you are seeking.

There is a jewish calendar plugin for korganizer, which could probably
provide a guide to creating a similar one; however, I believe this
plugin may simply change the display information. Since the expressions
in the date format can be C expressions, according to
you should be able to put the conversion needed for the calculation as
part of the expression.


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