[kdepim-users] Marking Gmail IMAP Spam

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Tue Jul 29 18:02:08 BST 2008

If you move a message from another folder to the IMAP spam folder, the gmail 
server marks it as spam.  If you move a false positive from the spam folder 
to the inbox, the server marks it not spam and then applies the other 

I tried to create a filter as follows:

If bytes > 0, move to folder GMAil IMAP/[Gmail]/Spam

In the advanced tab, I configured it not to apply to incoming mail, to apply 
to manual filtering, to stop processing if the condition is met, and to 
assign a toolbar button.

The filter GUI complained when I hit apply or OK "At least one filter targets 
a folder on an online IMAP account. Such filters will only be applied when 
manually filtering and when filtering incoming online IMAP mail"

The toolbar button works strangely.  It seems to move the message, but the one 
I moved before reappears.  To be clear, I apply to one message, it seems to 
move from the inbox to spam.  I apply to a second message, and after the 
second one seems to move, the first one reappears.

If I use ctrl+j instead, it works as expected.

Drag and drop is easy and works consistently, but it would be nice to assign 
this to a toolbar.
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