[kdepim-users] Kmail stops delivering mail after a period of time

kitts kitts.mailinglists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 04:30:43 GMT 2008

On Friday 25 Jan 2008 6:46:47 am Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> > A long time ago a similar problem (email stopped arriving via POP3 when
> > KMail ran for a longer time) was reported. My guess is that some error
> > condition in the communication with the server leaves KMail in a state
> > where it thinks it is still checking the account and therefore no new
> > checks are initiated. AFAIK we were not able to track down and fix this
> > problem. So the only workaround for people experiencing this problem is
> > to restart KMail (resp. Kontact) every once in a while.
> I've noticed this behavior here,  as well,  where my status line will
> indicate that it's in the middle of checking for new mail,  and just sit
> there.  For what eventually turns into a rather interminably long time.  I
> don't recall now whether I had to restart things or whether I was able to
> simply stop the attempt and get it to try again,  though I'm leaning toward
> the latter in my recollection.

I have similar issue very often and the latter option has been the solution. 
This has mostly occurred for around my laptop going into suspend. i.e. this 
problem seems to occur mostly when kmail attempts to connect just after a 
resume when a network connection is still to be established. Once the network 
connection is established kmail still does not continue. May be the 
connection times out after a while but my patience is shorter and i cancel 
the connection. Kmail re attempts connection and things work fine here on.
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