[kdepim-users] Recent versions of kmail are missing folder expiry, why?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu Jan 24 20:36:43 GMT 2008

On Thursday 24 January 2008, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 24 January 2008, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >Running F8 here, generally up to date.
> >
> >I've noticed that it was getting slower, and thought I'd check the
> > expiry rules on a few of the busier folders, but they seem to be on
> > the missing list in the folder properties menu where they used to
> > live.
> >
> >Have they been removed, or just moved?
> PEBKAC, separate item now.  Suggestion, change the 'Expire...' in the
> folder menu to 'Expiry' or possibly to 'Expire Rules'.  I hadn't
> clicked on it till now because I didn't know what the rules it was
> going use were.

The ellipsis after Expire indicates that a dialog will open if you 
select this option. This metaphor is used consistently in all of KDE 
(and in many other applications). Only actions without trailing 
ellipsis will take immediate effect.

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