[kdepim-users] Kmail stops delivering mail after a period of time

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 21:23:12 GMT 2008

I'm having this problem on FC8 (Qt: 3.3.8, KDE: 3.5.8-19.fc8 Fedora, KMail: 1.9.6) but had it on a different computer in FC5 too.  Everything's fine, no problems, but at some point -- sometimes hours, usually more like days -- Kmail just stops delivering my email.  It _checks_ for it.  But it just doesn't appear in the inbox.  Usually I get curious that so-and-so hasn't replied yet and then start to get suspicious...and sure enough, if I kill Kmail, wait for the processes to die, then restart it -- Poof!  The 5 or 6 or 10 or 80 messages that collected appear in the Inbox.

Does anyone else have this issue?  One additional wrinkle is that it does not seem to be _all_ my different accounts.  Just a few.  For example, my Comcast inbox mail appears fine, but my such-and-such mail stops.  On my other computer, I noticed that there were tons (20 or so) slave sockets for kmail that were running and even after killing it, usually one was sticky and would remain unless I manually killed the process.

On this computer though, FC8, there were no processes left seconds after I closed Kmail.  (Actually, I'm using Kontact, so I close Kontact, not Kmail).

Thanks for any and all help...

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