[kdepim-users] Remote calendar and addressbooks

Andreas Petzold Andreas.Petzold at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Tue Jan 22 22:48:10 GMT 2008

> Maybe I should try it with an
> unspoiled user account, some time ...

ok, I just tried with a clean user account. Fired up kontact, created  
a dIMAP account pointing to my standard IMAP account. I selected  
"Standard (Ical/vcard)" format for the groupware folders and put the  
correct folders into the "Resource folders are subfolders of:" field.  
The result was, well, nothing it didn't seem to recognize the existing  
folders :-(. When I deselected "Hide groupware folders" other folders  
were showing up, WTF??

Then I switched to XML format for the groupware folders and just as  
Ingo has said, kmail asked if it should create the folders as  
subfolders of my inbox. I canceled that and reverted to the standard  
format. Then I added a IMAP resource to kaddressbook, but nothing  
seemed to happen. But when I restarted kontact, suddenly the groupware  
folders were recognized and the IMAP resource was working. Also in  
kmail the groupware folders are shown with the correct special icons.  
Now also the "Hide groupware folders" option works correctly.

I guess the restart of kontact triggered some refresh or something?

Anyway, it doesn't seem to be necessary to tell kmail what the folder  
contains (Contacts, Calendar, etc.), it will somehow find out itself,  
presumably from the folder names.



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