[kdepim-users] Remote calendar and addressbooks

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Jan 27 11:15:12 GMT 2008

On Sunday 27 January 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 January 2008 22:48:10 Andreas Petzold wrote:
> > > Maybe I should try it with an
> > > unspoiled user account, some time ...
> >
> > ok, I just tried with a clean user account. Fired up kontact,
> > created a dIMAP account pointing to my standard IMAP account. I
> > selected "Standard (Ical/vcard)" format for the groupware folders
> > and put the correct folders into the "Resource folders are
> > subfolders of:" field. The result was, well, nothing it didn't seem
> > to recognize the existing folders :-(. When I deselected "Hide
> > groupware folders" other folders were showing up, WTF??
> >
> > Then I switched to XML format for the groupware folders and just as
> > Ingo has said, kmail asked if it should create the folders as
> > subfolders of my inbox. I canceled that and reverted to the
> > standard format. Then I added a IMAP resource to kaddressbook, but
> > nothing seemed to happen. But when I restarted kontact, suddenly
> > the groupware folders were recognized and the IMAP resource was
> > working. Also in kmail the groupware folders are shown with the
> > correct special icons. Now also the "Hide groupware folders" option
> > works correctly.
> >
> > I guess the restart of kontact triggered some refresh or something?
> >
> > Anyway, it doesn't seem to be necessary to tell kmail what the
> > folder contains (Contacts, Calendar, etc.), it will somehow find
> > out itself, presumably from the folder names.
> I've been short of time this week, so haven't been able to follow
> this up.  Meanwhile, samba is now working correctly and I can see my
> home directory and the calendar is readable in korganizer.  What has
> changed?  Nothing in my configuration.  The only thing I can think of
> is that I installed smb4k.  It's sitting in my taskbar, doing
> nothing.  Why would that matter?  Dunno.  All I know is that things
> suddenly started working after I did that.

Did you per chance reboot your system or at least restart KDE? That 
would be a more likely explanation than the installation of smb4k. :-)

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