[Akonadi] [Bug 390798] Akonadi EWS failed to authenticate with Exchange Server

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--- Comment #4 from Christian <gentoo at moin.fi> ---
I have the same issue with kdepim version 17.12.3.  The password is stored in
the password dialog, and clicking on "Try connect" works - the status on the
tab "Status" changes to OK then and presents the Exchange version number (in my
case, 14.3.361.1 Exchange 2010 SP3).
But the "Subscription" tab shows "Failed to retrieve folder list", and when I
close the dialog with OK, the account itself shows "Unable to connect to
Exchange server".
If you need more info to diagnose this problem, please let me know.

Another, maybe unrelated issue - in the Evolution EWS plugin, I can login to
the EWS account using my email address and password. In the akonadi plugin, I
have to use a strange user name that took me a while to find in the interface
of the Exchange webmail.

(In reply to Olivier from comment #0)
> Once configured Akonadi EWS plugin, clikc on "Test Connection work", but
> click on "OK" failed and plugin remains not connected.
> Once activate kio_http debug, it seems that the NTLM handshake is correctly
> executed when testing the connection. Akonadi EWS try without any auth, got
> a 401, then try with simple NTLM v1, got 401 again, and finally try with
> NTLMv2 and got a 200 OK. When clicking on "OK", Akonadi EWS just try NTLMv1
> and newer try NTLMv2.
> It seems that this bugs is related to old NTLM problem in kio_http patched
> by the author of akonadi_ews plugin.
> Note that same credential with Exchange or Thunderbird work fine and that
> using a kerberos ticket allows authentication.

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