[kmail2] [Bug 377070] Kmail emptied inbox, all emails deleted!!!

William L. Thomson Jr. bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Apr 7 06:40:12 BST 2017


--- Comment #8 from William L. Thomson Jr. <wlt-ml at o-sinc.com> ---
In going through migrated emails from Kmail2 to Claws Mail. I found all the
emails that disappeared from my Inbox. They were in another folder. At first I
thought I may have dragged them into that folder or something. But as I moved
the emails that did not belong in that folder back to my in box I noticed lots
of other emails that also did not belong in that folder.

It seems like something went horrible wrong with filters. That is the only
thing that would make sense for the other emails plus my inbox one to end up
that way. I have filters to move email from IMAP Inboxes to local folders.
Maybe somehow that confused a remove Inbox with the local one and moved all
those emails to another folder. But in doing so it also redirected emails
matching other filters destined for other folders into that same folder. Which
is pretty odd, and it was a random folder.

Anyway I would say this is definitely related to filters. The emails were not
deleted just moved. Others were not moved to the correct folder. All ended up
in the same incorrect folder. Including my missing Inbox emails. Hope that
helps in some way.

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