[kmail2] [Bug 377070] Kmail emptied inbox, all emails deleted!!!

William L. Thomson Jr. bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Apr 6 20:24:11 BST 2017


William L. Thomson Jr. <wlt-ml at o-sinc.com> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from William L. Thomson Jr. <wlt-ml at o-sinc.com> ---
Closing since after ~5yrs of frustration with this last scare losing my entire
inbox being the last straw. It took some time, as I am not one to change. I
liked many aspects of Kmail2, but to many issues and things that caused me

I have switched to Claws Mail. The memory usage, or lack there of when dealing
with thousands of emails is insane. Akonadi would bloat ~500MB. Claws Mail
never uses more than 100MB. I am extremely pleased with its performance. It
starts really fast, and I am quite pleased all around.

Thanks for the fish and headaches. Kmail2 would be great without the KDE PIM.
That also messed up my calendar and other stuff. All of Akonadi is garbage and
should be tossed. Akonadi is why Kmail2 sucks, not because of Kmail2 itself....

Hope that lesson is learned someday at the expense of others like myself. So
much wasted memory, electricity, battery life....

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