[kmail2] [Bug 362995] KMail identity configuration loses selected spellcheck dictionary

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Thu Jun 2 19:14:48 BST 2016


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I can confirm.

Distributor ID:    Sabayon
Description:    Sabayon Linux amd64 16.06

╠  @@ Searching...
╠      @@ Package: kde-apps/kmail-4.14.11_pre20160211 branch: 5,
╠          Available:     version: 4.14.11_pre20160211 ~ tag: NoTag ~ revision:
╠          Installed:     version: 4.14.11_pre20160211 ~ tag: NoTag ~ revision:
╠          Slot:          4
╠          Homepage:      https://www.kde.org/applications/internet/kmail/ 
╠          Description:   Email component of Kontact, the 
╠                         integrated personal information 
╠                         manager of KDE 
╠          License:       GPL-2
╠   Keywords:  kmail
╠   Found:     1 entry

For me dictionary is always set to "Dutch" and no matter how many times I set
it to "Hungarian" when I reopen the dialog window as discussed before, it
remains "Dutch"

I would be happy to provide any more information. Thank you in advance for
fixing this issue.

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