[Akonadi] [Bug 310216] delete addressbook folder on CardDAV resource throws popup bomb

Miloš Kožina Milos.Kozina at postino.net
Tue Feb 17 20:10:02 GMT 2015


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--- Comment #9 from Miloš Kožina <Milos.Kozina at postino.net> ---
Still existing:
akonadi-server 1.13.0
kmail 4.14.3

I have Exchange calendar connected via davmail as CalDAV. Second calendar is
GMail. I got plenty of windows with text "Error while trying to delete calendar
item. Error was: No items found" in following situations:
- restart of akonadi (either from Akonaditray or from console)
- resume of computer from S1 sleep

Would be nice, if dialog could be fixed at least up to max 1 message. Another
point is, that message itself has no information - I don't know, which calendar
item it is going to delete. If I new that, I could take look and maybe delete
such events or provide some additional info.

Thanks for fixing (or redirecting to akonadi server).

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