[kmail2] [Bug 343748] shortcuts/toolbar actions missing to go to next/previous mail from mail window

Laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Sun Feb 8 06:53:42 GMT 2015


--- Comment #5 from Laurent Montel <montel at kde.org> ---
Perhaps you need to know what is a wishlist and a bug.
It's not a bug because you think it will better to have it.

Kmail works well without it.
It's not a feature which limits kmail work.

So no it's a wishlist.

And I don't like the tone that you use.
If you don't like kmail and all the work that kdepim team makes for it, you are
free to use another mailer.

After that if you think that I change it as wishlist just because I don't want
to fix it, you are just stupid !
I change it as wishlist because it's a wishlist.

If you think that it's a real bug which doesn't allow you to work on kmail
patch are welcome !
Otherwise you can use another mailer and stop to use this ton because you are
not happy by my changes.

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